Existing Borrowers

As a part of your EMI application, we ask you for bank details which we use to create your NACH/ECS mandate. By virtue of the NACH mandate, your bank will auto-debit your EMI and remit the same to us.
NACH is the new word for ECS (it stands for “National Automated Clearing House” which is the way banks move money around in India).
NACH / ECS is a mandate from you, telling your bank to make regular monthly payments on your behalf.
Once set up, it is an easy automatic, way to make your EMI re-payments, giving you peace of mind every month.
We will communicate to you via an Email and SMS before the payment due date so that you can maintain sufficient balances in your account
In case you miss your payment, please transfer the EMI amount to our bank. Our bank details are mentioned below:

Apollo Finvest India Ltd
Current account number: 00602560005199
IFSC Code: HDFC0000060
Address : Manekji Wadia Bldg,
Ground Floor, Nanik Motwani Marg,
Fort, Mumbai-400 001.

Current account number: 175102000002554
Address : Gopi Chamber, Link Road, Opp. Citi Mall,
Andheri(West),Mumbai – 400053.

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