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Tech Company with a NBFC licence

Apollo Finvest is a technology company with a NBFC license. We enable fintechs to offer fully digital and compliant loans to their customers. We combine a platform engineered like a startup with the regulatory expertise of a fully licensed NBFC - so our clients can truly focus on their core business.

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Capital to scale

Fintechs require capital to scale innovative and non-traditional loan offerings. This is not accessible through traditional lenders. Leveraging our insights and data, we provide capital for Fintechs to scale their business. This allows them to leverage their equity base without diluting their Cap table.

White-labeled and Neutral platform

Our white-labelled platform enables Fintechs to provide the perfect user experience to their customers. As a platform, we are 100% neutral and do not compete with our partners. We do not lend to a borrower directly and nor do we cross-sell or upsell any financial product to our fintechs customers

AWS for Lending. One integrated platform to build your perfect lending product

We treat services on our platform as building blocks, which our Fintechs can mix and match to create lending services specifically tailored to their business model. Focus only on the customer-facing app, leave the rest to us!
This includes Lending license, Compliance, Regulation, Accessing credit reports, Bank statement analysis, Access to telecom data for alternate underwriting, Fraud detection APIs, Digital KYC, Loan Management Systems, Disbursements APIs, Collection APIs, Loan Reporting, Asset reconstruction - all accessible via modern RESTful APIs APIs.

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Why you should work with Apollo Finvest

Neutrality and customer experience

Apollo is a pure B2B2X neutral platform where you control the experience

Modern integrated tech stack = Speed & Flexibility

Create the perfect lending product and go live within 48 hours!

Access to capital

We enable capital as a service as you look to scale your business. Leverage is built in!

Fully licensed NBFC

We take care of every regulatory burden, so you can focus on creating the best possible product.

Developers + entrepreneurs + bankers = Apollo Finvest

The multidisciplinary Apollo Finvest team combines startup engineers and entrepreneurs with seasoned banking and finance experts to create the perfect mix for a tech company with a NBFC license.

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